One thought on “Preface & Reaction To Brexit”

  1. Conor,

    While I respect your point of view and opinions, I do so wish you would be honest with the people of Britain. Honesty, more than anything else is what’s needed right now and as could easily be predicted, it is not going to be coming from our politicians, of any political party

    An honest and open discussion about human rights, if indeed that is your intention (I suspect it is not) would not make such broad and foundation less assumptions about the outcome of the British peoples decision to exit the EU project. Contrary to your suggestions, the vote to leave the EU does not necessarily have to mean an end to our hard won human rights. In point of fact, as one of the founding nations of the ECHR, Britain can remain both a part of and under the remit of the agreement.

    The choice to create a British Bill of Rights is a political one, made by some of our politicians. The facts are, no-one yet knows what the bill will contain, nor does anyone yet know whether it will mean the repeal of the HRA in either part, nor it’s entirety. The fact is Conor, nobody yet knows, so I object in the strongest possible terms to your scaremongering and unfounded assertions, at a time when it is unity not division, reassurance not fear mongering, calm not panic that is very much needed.

    An honest and open discussion about Human Rights would include the facts about what is common law and how exactly you claim it has been so unhelpful along with suggestions about how it could be improved. Criticising something just because you don’t like or agree with it Conor is pointless, unless you are willing to bring forth proposals/suggestions on how it can and should be improved. It would also include the truth about how our court system has been changed, indeed some say corrupted.

    In closing Conor, I repeat my earlier objection that you would choose to bring forth the opportunity for further disunity and division, at a time when many of the people that call Britain home are genuinely worried about what their future holds and our politicians from all sides, are causing such disarray and chaos, at a time when what the British people urgently need is good leadership and a all for calm

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